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Popplet features a combination of mind mapping, online bulletin board and alternative presentation tool. Pedagogical objectives: to connect ideas, to describe concepts, to organize and synthesize knowledge. Technology resources: Mind or concept boards. 

Photopeach is a photo slideshow, an ideal tool to present your class images and photos with optional background music. Pedagogical objectives: to record proceedings, results and performance and to communicate, demonstrate and model. Technology resources: Photo Slideshows. 

Living Junction is an easy way to create magazines, stories and book like presentations online. Pedagogical objectives: to present concepts or facts, to create stories, to describe or narrate events. Technology resources:Magazines and e-books

lunes, 20 de junio de 2016

While I was reading Chomsky´s theory about First Language Acquisition my kids, my boy who is almost two years old and my girl who is six years old, were always on my mind. I couldn´t stop making connections between my experience with their language acquisition and the theory I was reading. I could see Chomsky´s theory put into practice in almost every point. However, I tried to find something to reject it. Obviously, I couldn´t.
     Chomsky is great! It is unbelievable how he could explain so clearly something so complicated but at the same time something that everyone in the world acquires effortlessly.
     The most interesting point in his theory, from my point of view, was the explanation he gave about how the input that children received changed when it was in the black box (the Universal Grammar that we are born with) and developed allowing them to produce output much more complex.
     How is a child able to produce utterances that he has never listened to? How is he able to master the acquisition of any language in the world? The only person in History that was able to explain it in a clear way was Chomsky.

                                                                                                                        Martínez Cintia.

domingo, 19 de junio de 2016

My reflection on Chomsky`s Nativist position:

After reading and discussing Chomsky's theory of First Language Acquisition I am able to say that I agree that Behaviourism is not a reasonable explanation to acquire our mother tongue since children can understand things and say things they have never heard before and that`s why Chomsky says that language is creative, “We can say anything anywhere without being controlled by precise stimuli”.

In my opinion, one of the most interesting points in his position is that he asserts that we are born with knowledge of language called Language Acquisition Device. The main argument in favor of the LAD is the argument of the poverty of the stimulus, which argues that unless children have significant innate knowledge of grammar they wouldn`t be able to learn language as quickly as they do, given that they hardly ever have access to negative evidence and rarely receive direct instructions in their first language. Chomsky also discovered that when children are learning to speak, they don't make the errors we would expect. For instance, children seem to understand that all sentences should have the structure 'subject-verb-object', even before they are able to speak in full sentences. For me this theory makes sense, “if the child`s mind cannot create language knowledge from the data in the surrounding environment, the knowledge must be within the mind itself”. All in all, the answer must not come from outside. Chomsky says that children don`t need a lot of input but just a little exposure to the language.

I really enjoyed reading this text because I found it very interesting. I think he is quite right in his concepts or at least not that wrong.

                                                                                                                            Jesica Fenara                                                                                                 

jueves, 9 de junio de 2016

More short stories: Winnie the Witch

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Short Stories: Winnie the Witch

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